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      Oceanus lifetime - Pre Purchase   03/14/2017

      We added Oceanus key in store.
      this is a pre purchase. It means that the product will not be available until there will be a new release of the bot Read the description carefully!!!! if we have other chargeback because users do not read the description and do not understand that the bot is not yet available for download. We will remove forever paypal option for Oceanus. 
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      New Test Key - Hyperion - Icarus - Asteria   03/27/2017

      New Test key 24 hours available for Hyperion - Asteria - Icarus  soon for Helios and Oceanus Contact Moderators for request your test key 24 hours.   
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      Special Promotion for Subcribers   04/10/2017

      Special Promotion for Subcribers as a reward we decided to give to all subcribers members 2 free weeks. good farming!!! Team Dynamicbots (days will add in the next 2 days.) 

Pre-Sales Questions

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1. Where and how i can buy license bot?

 You can buy license in STORE section and you can pay with Paypal and other methods. 

2. How many time for receive my key?

You can check your keys in menu - STORE>>>Manage Purchases. Auto System need 1 hours for activate your key. if your key is not active within 24 hours contact support.

3. Are there any discounts available?

We offer discount code. check section "promotion" if discount code is available. 

4. Is there a demo available?

We offer Test key 24 hours only on weekend. you can sent pm to moderators for obtain your test key.  (1 per user and promotion not always available. ) 

5. How many clients can I make with a single license?

With one License you can run 3 clients in same time max.  There are Key license 1 session = 1 account in same time. 

6. How many time bot stay down for update?

When game release new update we usually update in 24 hours max. if we need more time for update we add free days for downtime bot. 

7. Risk ban for botting?

Our bot are 99.9% safe, but we suggest use bot not 24/7 and not use unsafe vpn. 

8. what is difference from key montly or lifetime?

Lifetime key work always untill bot/game work. montly key expire and you need buy or renew again. 

9. how i can create my own script?

we not build private script per single users, you need read guide and build your own script. some user maybe can sell or share script already build. 

10. How i can ask support ?

If you need support for payments please open ticket direct in your "manage purchases" section

if you need support for bot software ( bug or problem ) please use Support Section of bot you use and remember use Mandatory Form or we cant help for solve your bugs/problem. 


11. Can i request Refund?

You can request a refund within 7 days after purchase. Refund will be calculated on the remaining time. For make request send mail to refund@dynamicbots.com 

check this thread for refund policy: 


for other questions contact Admins or Moderators via pm or join Live Chat 

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