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  1. Yea but currently im busy with the soulfighter and on the vmware doing some stuff on other game. so you know,, busy .. but anyways , madeinqubec helped me with that Thanks !
  2. So , i have like 67gold on my character that on ebon hall , and i want to transfer them to windrest to my new soulfighter. Who ever can do this i can give you free 10gold for it.
  3. Update from offsite - I surfed around some other communities and find out that pokemongo bots are going down fast . So i guess its an hard work for the admins to work on it and they decide to put an effort on other bots at this time.
  4. This product is protected by the Royalty Buyer's protection. To purecash our VPN go to - http://www.royaltyvpn.com/
  5. I guess since the bots i was using turned to detected and was have alot of softbans .
  6. Well , you gonna use that bot guys ? Just intresting to know , I botted like 700+ account's to level 25-30 , with alot of stardust and pokemons (2k cp and etc) and sold anyone of them for decent price . What you going to do with the bot guys ? Happy botting & talking.
  7. Cant wait to see and use this bot like you OP . Hyped so much.
  8. wts

    Good luck in your sales !
  9. 1$=10g as i know
  10. wtb

    @ Seller has benn Approved of buying . good luck to you sir !
  11. wtb

    hey there we only need an 1 proof of you are the site owner. thank you very much sir !
  12. wtb

    Goodluck ! trusted seller with fair price
  13. its a nice price , but you can get better i think how much per Gold they say?
  14. this websites are buying / selling gold they sell for 0.10/1G and buying probaly for 0.05 - 0.07 per gold