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      Oceanus lifetime - Pre Purchase   03/14/2017

      We added Oceanus key in store.
      this is a pre purchase. It means that the product will not be available until there will be a new release of the bot Read the description carefully!!!! if we have other chargeback because users do not read the description and do not understand that the bot is not yet available for download. We will remove forever paypal option for Oceanus. 
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      New Test Key - Hyperion - Icarus - Asteria   03/27/2017

      New Test key 24 hours available for Hyperion - Asteria - Icarus  soon for Helios and Oceanus Contact Moderators for request your test key 24 hours.   
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      Special Promotion for Subcribers   04/10/2017

      Special Promotion for Subcribers as a reward we decided to give to all subcribers members 2 free weeks. good farming!!! Team Dynamicbots (days will add in the next 2 days.) 


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  1. Please note which game.
  2. Yea but currently im busy with the soulfighter and on the vmware doing some stuff on other game. so you know,, busy .. but anyways , madeinqubec helped me with that Thanks !
  3. So , i have like 67gold on my character that on ebon hall , and i want to transfer them to windrest to my new soulfighter. Who ever can do this i can give you free 10gold for it.
  4. This product is protected by the Royalty Buyer's protection. To purecash our VPN go to - http://www.royaltyvpn.com/
  5. wts

    Good luck in your sales !
  6. 1$=10g as i know
  7. @ Seller has benn Approved of buying . good luck to you sir !
  8. hey there we only need an 1 proof of you are the site owner. thank you very much sir !
  9. Goodluck ! trusted seller with fair price
  10. its a nice price , but you can get better i think how much per Gold they say?
  11. this websites are buying / selling gold they sell for 0.10/1G and buying probaly for 0.05 - 0.07 per gold
  12. yep , gold prices dropped down so fastly.
  13. sold him like 1g for 0.15-0.16 but i was like 4 months ago when the gold was 0.20/1 sold him like 700+gold
  14. vouch for somaliasky , sold him BNS gold.