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  1. Possible but dynamicbots is not offerinf official help with germany unless some of your mods can speak it ^^ I cant and im not aware that any of them can so i answered in english
  2. As far as i know we dont have german support in here. Pls make sure if your character is lvl 50 turn of after loading, autoplay and switch auto quest mode to diffrent one
  3. Bit wrong way to ask. For these things always ask how much 1g is ? If you want to buy or sell gold youll have to contact sellers and ask their current price. We dont know them I can sell you gold in couple of days once i get everything sorted out ^^ For price i've no clue yet but i can check it out later on
  4. Im not 100% sure if there is grinding script for 49-50 because story quests around lvl 49 or that was before they brought new story quests (last patch for bns) and those storyquests are not yet bot or so i think^^ Anyway pretty much last level to go put that does not matter that much you can do pretty much same thing as normaly. And you can use dailies to level up rest of stuff if needed ^^
  5. settings -> skill -> press refresh -> locate box that is right side big one that has skills and so on. Then locate counter click it once and then press arrow that points to left box and press that arrow
  6. One thing i did with my KFM when i tried it i removed counter from basic config.