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  1. Date: 27.3.17 Username: anaNaumiuki mail: ana_naumiuk@hotmail.com ip: - - paypal mail: ana_naumiuk@hotmail.com name: Ana Claudia Naumiuk address: Ana Claudia Naumiuki Rua Cardeal Mercier 21 Azambuja Lisboa 2050-376 Portogallo This address is fake or he using vpn ( ip from brazil ) Reason for the ban: Scammer chargeback for unauthorized payment. NOTE: we have in database mail used with software ( mail for game ) and these mail will reported to ncsoft for request ban.
  2. Date: 13.3.17 Username: Symph mail: arkalybg92@gmail.com ip: - - paypal mail: one.word.for.efficiency@gmail.com name: Efficiencyone.word.for.efficiency@gmail.com adress: Plovdiv 4000Bulgaria Reason for the ban: scammer open dispute on paypal for no reason. this guy not read the terms and conditions and claims to be right. and then threatens inventing crazy things.
  3. Update : Time for Refund about 7-15 Days works (refund office is online only from Monday to Friday and only in daytime, reimbursement may take more time depending on the type of payment chosen.)
  4. update
  5. Update 6 Jan 2017
  6. Date: 6.1.17 Username: MJTJM mail: mjtjmgames2@gmail.com ip: paypal mail: mjtjm91@gmail.com paypal name: Mohammed AL Meraikhi adress on paypal: Mohammed AL Meraikhi abu Dhabi, Khalifa City A, 29th street, villa 115 Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi 00971 Emirati Arabi Uniti Status Paypal account: Verified Reason for the ban: scammer open dispute on paypal without contact support for request refund.
  7. Date: 4.1.17 Username: andres_gomez mail: andres_gomez451@outlook.com ip: paypal mail: andres_gomez451@outlook.com paypal name: Carlos Garcia adress on paypal: Carlos GarciaA.t Jongkeesstraat 151785 bx Den Helder Paesi Bassi Status Paypal account: Verified Reason for the ban: scammer open dispute on paypal without contact support for request refund.
  8. Update 4 January 2017 We have changed maximum time to request refund after purchase. from 10 days to 7 days. ( check first post ) today will be valid this update. Thank you
  9. I remind all users that are not allowed Multiple accounts. automatic system to make ban on sub-accounts. beyond the fourth account you will be banned for life. not allowed VPN/proxy/cloud. This rule is essential for security of payments and avoid scammers make more purchases. if you have been banned the possible causes include: - Vpn/proxy/cloud not allowed - Multiple accounts auto system - ip flagged from blacklist or partners list - username not allowed ( on this we usually change your username with other username ) Thanks
  10. Lifetime Keys - Back for last time in 2016 Super Promotion - only for the day 31Th December - 30% OFF on ALL Lifetime Keys and will all available for purchase only on this day. Hyperion Eng/Ru - Asteria - Icaurs - Oceanus Do not miss the last chance in 2016. The Lifetime are still available for awhile and then will be removed from the store. Code Discount 30%: LIFETIME2016 Code available from 31th December 2016/ 00.01 am untill 1 January 2017 / 01.00 am
  11. Date: 28.12.16 Username: kamaal mail: kamaal82@gmail.com ip: paypal mail: kamaal82@gmail.com paypal name: Abdullahi Nur adress on paypal: Abdullahi Nur3351 S 175th St apt 110Seatac, WA 98188Stati Uniti Status Paypal account: Verified Reason for the ban: request refund accepted from refund departement. he no wait time for refund and open dispute.
  12. I remind all scammers and people who make unauthorized chargebacks. their data will be provided our partners and will be added to the blacklist. Reporting will be made to paypal or other payment company. The data will be sent to major companies to scam list. (Scamadviser and other) Where possible will be reported to the police. Where possible will be taken legal action against scammers. Thank you.
  13. Date: 22.12.16 Username: jumplove mail: hienperk@gmail.com ip: paypal mail: hienoppa@gmail.com paypal name: Hien Le adress on paypal: Hien Le5664 Cambridge WayHanover Park, IL 60133-3658Stati Uniti Reason for the ban: SCAMMER, open chargeback after purchase as unathorized payment.
  14. Date: 21.12.16 Username: erwintje007 mail: kymcoboy@live.nl ip: paypal mail: steno_noob@hotmail.com paypal name: Erwin stam adress on paypal: Erwin stamh.r.holsterf1283315td dordrecht Paesi Bassi Reason for the ban: user open dispute on paypal without contact support. this not allowed ( see TOS )
  15. Update on Subscriber groups. now Every section have own group example Hyperion = Hyperion Subcriber Oceanus = Oceanus Subcriber user with Hyperion Subcriber group can enter only in section for Hyperion and download only Bot for Hyperion Thanks